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Winter? what winter?

Now is the time to start looking forward to spending some time outside!

Like you, I can not wait to run through the grass barefoot with my kids….but…

Your yard, like mine needs a little help before that can happen.

As an owner of a landscape maintenance company, you might think its easy for me to have the best lawn on the street. Not so.

So I’m going to share what i do to have the best lawn on my street, so you can too!

First you must have a company (possibly ours) provide a comprehensive fertilization/pest control service to your lawn. This is a must. You simply cannot have a lush green weed free lawn without this. It is the most important part of the puzzle period.
This does not mean that you need to spend a ton of money to have the best lawn, you can, but it is not necessary.
The average 4 round lawn treatment usually does the trick. Now if your lawn is nothing but weeds you will need to be a bit more aggressive and add a few more treatments.

I do a 4 round treatment to my lawn yearly. The first is a good high nitrogen granular with an iorn kick. It wakes up the turf and makes it brilliantly green. It also grows amazingly fast, so be prepared to mow….a lot (we also provide that service…hint hint)
The second round is usually a weed control treatment. One to rid myself of the evil dandelions and other similar evil weeds. This in coupled with a lighter dose of fertilizer to maintain the green.
The third round is usually a combination of a grub control and fertilizer. This helps to keep the creepy crawlers from eating the life out of the lawn.
The last treatment of the year is a good dose of fertilizer to help the lawn prepare for its long sleep throughout the winter months.

One of the most important parts to this is the timing of the services. Our scheduling system makes it incredibly easy to schedule all of our clients in the time frame that the services need to be completed.

Now you might think that I would get priority service, NO. Your service is more important to me than my lawn; so I am usually last on the list, and my lawn looks awesome! Now imagine what my current clients lawns look like (shameless plug).

SNOW!…..Yup I said it!

Its that time of year again…

Time to deal with the traffic, The people that forget how to drive in the white stuff every year..

But don’t fret, just a few small changes to your daily routine can drastically change the chances you will be late to your destination.

  1. First listen to your weatherman, yes I¬†know here in central Ohio the weathermen are usually wrong, but they do the weather for a reason…
  2. If the chances for snow are high, plan for it, get up early warm up you car and prepare yourself mentally for the stress your about to endure.
  3. If there is a high chance for a lot of snow, call off work, the night before if you can.. ( I know this will not work for a lot of people but its better to be safe at home and not driving through a blizzard ).
  4. If you do go out DRIVE SLOW, or at least slower than you would usually. most winter accidents are from the inability to STOP not go.

Finally remember that the guys out clearing the snow are your friends, give them space. Let them do what they are out for, Make the roads safer for you.
And here is a video of me going a little to fast