Why Choose Us?

  1. Pricing and Value – It is our belief that people want and deserve value. Cheap rarely means quality. Quality rarely means cheap. While everyone wants the lowest possible price, we know that low price without quality ultimately isn’t the best choice. We strive to help you find the balance between what materials and services are available, within your specific budget constraints. We recognize that this balance is uniquely individual, and our objective is to make sure you achieve your optimum results within your parameters.
  2. Right Sized Company – We are large enough to be able to serve you properly, and handle all your outdoor needs, and yet we are small enough to provide you with detailed, individual attention, while maintaining a personal relationship with every customer.
  3. Communication – We listen. Truly listen. You know what you want, and we want to help you capture those thoughts and ideas, and help you develop them into one creative, cohesive plan. Many companies are focused on what they want to sell. We can provide options and alternatives, but only AFTER we have a clear understanding as to what you are envisioning.
  4. Scope of Services – When it comes to outdoor services, we provide a wide spectrum of services.  Therefore, you only need one company to take care of all your home landscape and general property maintenance needs.
  5. Convenience – We have designed our processes to make things as simple and as easy for you as possible. This starts with good communication. We present a detailed and concise proposal to accurately convey what work is being agreed to, including what the schedule is. We provide follow-up throughout the work to ensure that everything is progressing properly, and expectations are being met or exceeded. Upon completion of the work, we schedule and conduct a final project review. Final concerns, if any, are addressed. Once everything is complete, even the invoice process is quick and easy with our on-line payment options.
  6. Experience – Our specialists are some of the best in their field. We go the extra mile to carefully screen and hire the most skilled and trustworthy workers in order to assure you the best results.
  7. Personal Relationships – Many times, the person who meets with you about your project is the person who will be directly involved in the work. This helps eliminates confusion, and allows us to provide a personal connection to every customer. We work WITH you, not FOR you, to make sure you get exactly what your dream is.
  8. Satisfaction Guarantee – We provide a detailed proposal to you, go over every detail, and make sure you are completely satisfied when the job is complete. See Official Guarantee for details.
  9. Environmentally Responsible – With every job, but especially with Fertilization and Pest Control, we strive to do the best possible work, while minimizing our impact on the environment. Our specialists complete hours of training every year in Environmentally Safe Practices to make sure we are taking care of your property and our environment.
  10. Reputation – We are known throughout the industry for being among the best in our industry. Large, national companies, as well as many local competitors, consult with us before bidding or performing work. We are truly the experts, and our reputation is second to none.


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