Lawn maintenance

A standard service for any and almost all landscape companies out there, how are we different? Mowing is the easy part. The quality work comes from how you address the DETAILS. We pay attention to these details, to get the work done right. To insure this, our crews are required to complete a pre-departure checklist, to ensure everything is right before leaving your property. We also make significant investments in our fleet of lawn equipment each year, to ensure you get the best quality cut (and look) that you expect from a lawn service company.

Fertilization/pest control

A must have if you want one of the healthiest, greenest, weed free lawns in your neighborhood. With one of our custom application programs, we can take your lawn from just one in the neighborhood, to the one your neighbors are jealous of.


When it’s time to take your lawn to the next level, a custom irrigation system can provide regular, controlled watering to optimize growth, health and appearance. If you have an irrigation system, our technicians can keep it up to date, working properly and operating at maximum efficiency. Your lawns watering needs change throughout the year and we provide control system adjustments accordingly. There is more to irrigation than just turning it on in the spring and off in the fall. This is actually our signature service, how our company was founded, and we know irrigation inside out.

Landscape Softscapes/Hardscape

Whatever your vison is for your property enhancement be it a simple tree replacement, an elaborate outdoor living space, or something in between, our team is ready to meet with you and go through the complete process with you to discus and identify exactly what your objectives are, and provide options and alternatives for you to consider. Many in the industry want to steer the client to the project they want to do. Our commitment is to work with you, to allow you to find the best solution, for you to achieve your desired results.

Landscape lighting

One of the most overlooked enhancements to a property is landscape lighting. There are two fundamental reasons for landscape lighting, one is for personnel and property safety, and the other is to provide maximum benefit of your outdoor living space by making it useable all day AND night. We can design a custom lighting package to fulfill both these two basic elements, get that eye catching look you want at night, and increase your property value all at the same time!

Pressure cleaning

Not everyone thinks of how clean their building, porch, deck, and concrete exterior surfaces are. However, vinyl siding and concrete can accumulate dirt, debris and “stain” very slowly over time, making the change unnoticeable. Other exterior surfaces take on mold which if not addressed can lead to health issues. Walk surfaces, porches, decks, and other walk surfaces, become slippery when mold becomes present on them. Our high volume high pressure cleaning equipment make short work of even the dirties of jobs, often addressing safety issues in the process.

Snow removal

Profession NFL quarterback John Elway of the Denver Bronco’s said “It’s not bragging if you can back it up”. Not to toot our own horn but, we define excellence in snow removal. We set the bar for almost every other snow removal company in central Ohio period. (That’s why we handle a great many of their clients for them). Season after season we prove to be one of the most valuable assets in any companies arsenal. If there is any service that calls for quality and value, it’s snow services. Again, communication, quality, affordability and customer service is not just core fundamentals our company was founded on, it’s how we conduct business.

Mulch installation

Mulching your flower beds used to be very laborious, time consuming and expensive. With the advent of the mulch blower, (we’re one of the few companies in central Ohio that have one) it’s now a breeze. This results in saving countless hours of labor and excessive mulch. A large truck and storage hopper, combined with a mechanical auger, powerful blower, and skilled operator, make this a point and shoot process. This approach ensures you get even coverage with no excess waste. Even the largest of mulch installations can be done in as little as a day, with any color mulch. Call for details and pricing.

Retail mulch sales at our location

Bulk mulch can be purchased at our location M-F 9 to 5 call for pricing and details


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