Irrigation Systems

  • Superior Outdoor Management offers a seasonal irrigation maintenance program includes spring start-up and activation, summer check-up and adjustments, and winter shut-down and blow out.
  • Design & Installation
  • Service & Repair

Everyone likes the look of a healthy lawn and garden. Lawns, plant material and trees all need the appropriate amount of water, at the right time, to look their best. At the risk of stating the obvious, without the needed water; the lawn, flowers, shrubs and trees will not look as good, and ultimately in prolonged water shortages, will die. We offer irrigation services on existing irrigation systems, as well as new irrigation system installation for new projects/locations.

Existing irrigation systems need started up in the spring, regular inspections and adjustments throughout the season, as the water conditions provided by Mother Nature change, and shut down (winterized) again in the late fall. There are also repairs needed from time to time to replace heads, rotors, controllers and other parts, or to repair broken water lines. We at “Superior” know the business of irrigation systems “inside out”, as this was the core service that our business was originally founded on, before we grew and expanded into a complete full service landscape company.

So do we need irrigation systems (yes) and are these just for Commercial properties (no) and why?

Our clients love their landscaping, be it existing or new plant materials, but some struggle to keep up with the significant watering requirements, especially on new installations. Installing an irrigation system allows you to take the work out of watering your lawn and garden. An irrigation system can save time and money by applying the appropriate amount of water and eliminating the aggravation of dragging messy garden hoses around your yard. Your lawn and garden will remain healthy and green throughout the year.

Our automated irrigation systems are designed to enhance new or existing landscape beds, sod or an established lawn that is struggling through a drought. With the use of your automated system the quantity of time and water saved will result in more free time, a thriving landscape, and a better, more efficient use of your water. An automatic sprinkler system is one of the best investments that you can make for your property. If you so desire, your irrigation system can be installed, or retrofitted, with a rain sensor. This allows the irrigation system to detect when there is no need for additional watering and to turn itself off.

Superior Outdoor Management can design, install, and maintain a new irrigation system, or retrofit, repair, and maintain an existing irrigation system for your home or business.

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